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A Will is a legal document by which a person distributes his or her property at death and also appoints two or more persons to manage his or her estate. The purpose of this product is to enlighten the average Nigerian on the need to have a Will and to have Leadway Capital and Trusts Limited draft the document for as many as are willing.

Virtually everyone postpones writing a Will. Maybe it's because we don't want such a tangible reminder of our mortality. Or perhaps we view the process as relinquishing the ownership of our property. Whatever the excuse may be for putting off the drafting of a Will, a Will may be the most important document that you ever write, because it allows you to select the persons who will receive what you own when you die.

Every person - married, divorced, single, childless, parent, in good health, in bad health - should have a Will for the simple reason that without one, you cannot determine who should receive your property.

If you don't have one in place, you strip yourself of the power to select the recipients of your property and the state you reside in will determine how your property is divided. Each state has a default plan for how property must be distributed if you die without a Will, with the default (and mandatory) scheme depending on your marital status, whether you have children, if you have any living parents or siblings, and other criteria.

It is also easy to change one’s Will by simply writing a new Will to replace the old one, or by making an addition using an amendment known as a Codicil. Ideally, you want to make any changes when you are of sound mind and in good health. This limits the likelihood that your wishes can be successfully challenged and avoids decisions made in haste or under intense emotional pressure.

It is easy to make a will - and it will save your family unnecessary distress at an already difficult time.

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